Verizon Access: Verizon DSL Internet For a Fast Web! Verizon …

Verizon DSL: At Verizon DSL Direct You'll Get The Best Selection of Internet Shopping and always The Best Prices!

Verizon Access: Verizon DSL Internet For a Fast Web! Verizon …
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With Verizon DSL … MSNŽ Premium Internet Software is included with your Verizon Online DSL service at no additional charge - a $9.95 monthly value. Take advantage of great new Verizon features like MSN Pop-up Guard, MSN Firewall, MSN VirusGuard, designer e-mail options, advanced Verizon junk e-mail filters, and more. Remember, Verizon offers both high speed DSL and regular Verizon dial-up Internet service! Verizon DSL is faster, but both Verizon DSL and Verizon dial-up services are extremely reliable, and also very cost-effective compared to many other ISP's.
With Verizon DSL … Does Verizon DSL require installing an additional phone line? No. You will not need an additional phone line. DSL technology allows simultaneous analog (voice or fax) and DSL (data) transmission over the same telephone line. You still use your phone as you do now. Verizon DSL is so easy to use!

Some DSL services talk a lot of big talk, and wave a lot of empty promises at you. Verizon DSL is not like that. With Verizon you get a whole new perspective on the way that Internet services should be; in short, Verizon delivers everything it promises - it's faster, it's more reliable, it's just plain better. In a word, it's called Verizon DSL.

High Speed DSL Internet Access: Verizon DSL Internet For a Fast Web! Verizon …

With Verizon DSL … Will existing phone features work with Verizon DSL? Yes. Adding Verizon Online DSL to your phone line does not affect your other telephone services and features. Verizon DSL does not affect Caller ID, voice mail, call waiting, or other advanced calling features. costs less … but goes faster!

Verizon Access: Verizon DSL Internet For a Fast Web! Verizon …

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